A trade fair is an important means of communication for companies, since it brings together customers, prospects, competitors and prescribers for a given time and in a single place. The exchange platform where supply and demand meet allows all players in one sector to contact their interlocutors. Exhibitors offer the fruit of their knowledge and know-how to visitors. This gives them the opportunity to make their products known, to find new partners and to make direct sales. For their part, customers have the opportunity to enjoy on-site advice and characteristics of the product and service to obtain. In addition, a Trade Show is used to establish a market study at lower cost.

Seven reasons for exposing SIDE-AFRICA?

  • Build on your know-how and innovations on a real platform for exchanges
  • Develop a distribution network for your products
  • Develop brand partnerships with local operators
  • Participate in a scientific program of conferences facilitated by industry experts
  • Boost your brand image, capitalize on your reputation and strengthen your presence on the market.
  • Generate orders and/or contacts and know your customers’ expectations.
  • Update and enrich your databases