08H00 – 18H00 : Reception, registration and delivery of participants' kits.

18H30 - 20H00 : Welcome cocktail

08H00 – 08H45 : Ministers and VIP Welcome and Installation

08H00 – 08H45 : Guests Welcome

Protocole et Hôtesses 

09H00 – 11H00 : Official Opening Ceremony Opening speech 

  • President of ECOWAS
  • President of WAPP
  • TFP Representative
  • Other representatives
  • Benin Minister of Energy President of Benin or his Representative

11H00 – 11H45 : Visit of Stands and Photo Shooting

12H00-13H30 : Opening Cocktail

14H00 -14H30 : Energy in the World and in Africa: Situation of West Africa


President of ADEA : Jean-Pierre Favennec,

Panel 1: Future of Electricity in Africa

14H30 – 16H00 : Regulatory framework : The role of regulation

      • The demand:
        Which are the main characteristics of the future demand?
        how to manage at best the unsatisfied demand?
      • The offer:
        How to progress towards a better access to energy and electricity?
        how to combine national energy mix and the regional market in the medium and long term?
        Regionalization of demand and supply markets: the WAPP today and tomorrow the future interdependence of the regional markets of electricity and gas in western Africa
      • Transition towards a low carbon electricity

      Président de séance
      Ministre de l’Energie

16H00 – 16H30 : Coffee Break

Panel 2 : Gas to power

16H30 – 18H00 :

–  The increasing role of gas in electricity generation
–  Africa is rich in gas with the existing fields and the new discoveries (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sénégal, Etc….): how to develop production
–  How to transport gas
-How to develop demand for gas (electricity, industry and others…)

18H00 : End of the first day

08H00 – 08H45 : Ministers and VIP Welcome and Installation

08H00 – 08H45 Guests Welcome

Panel 3 : The growing role of renewables energies: hydropower, solar, wind

09H00 – 10H30 :

  • Is the future in a gas- solar mix and other renewable?
  • The challenge of developing mini -grid and off- grid electricity in general
  • Potential benefits of  hydro- PV coupling

10H30-11H00 : Coffee Break

11H00 - 12H00 : Panel 4 : Training

  • Which basic and new, local skills, need to be developed in priority?
  • Contribution of African Network Centers of Excellence in Electricity to  development of jobs and skills
  • Gender issue in electricity’s sector

12H00 - 13H30 : Panel 5 : Electricity projects in Africa

  • Presentation of electricity projects by stakeholders from African countries


Global Strategies :

  • Which energy mix should be used for Africa?
  • Interconnections roles: a solution to regional synergies and interconnections?
  • Energy’s challenge for economic and social development that respects the environment
  • Energy’s transition Financing
  • Main conclusions of Summit
  • Closing speech of Minister of Energy

20H00 – 23H00 : Closing Gala Dinner

Continuation of B-B conversations

09H00 – 10H30 : Visit of construction site of Maria-Gleta’s thermal power plant 120 MW dual fuel

11H – 12H : Visit of regional infrastructures under construction (dispatching and market room of West African electricity)

12H30 – 16H00 : Tourist’s sites (GANVIE or OUIDAH) visit and lunch